We've got A's for your Q's

What is OMA?

OMA stands for Online Music Academy. It is our new online music platform dedicated to online learning.

Why OMA?

During the pandemic we've learnt the importance of being dynamic and the ability to provide services in a flexible way.

OMA was founded to provided online music lessons in the convenience of your own home. 

OMA is a division of Templesprings Childcare Service Limited. 

Why can't I take online music lessons anymore with Templesprings?

Templesprings provides both Online and In-Person lessons.  However, Templesprings online lessons are offered as part of our Audio Ambitions Programme funded by Youth Music and Arts Council England, see Press Release.  The In-Person lessons are held at the music centre.

Can my child still learn the same instrument?

Yes, your child can continue to learn the same instrument.  

Will my child have to start again?

No, your child will not have to start again. Your child's lessons will continue at whatever level he or she is at.  

Will my child continue the Arts Award programme?

Yes, your child will continue the Arts Award programme at their current level.  

  • For example if your child is working at the Explore Level then they will continue to work at the explore level until achieved.  
  • All your child’s Art Award Logs will be transitioned 
  • Please note that the Arts Award Certificate will be issued by Templesprings which is the registered Arts Award Centre   

How do I book my child's lesson?

OMA is a Self Service Platform which means you can book and pay for your lessons through the Parent/Student Portal.

Remember to register to join all available slots for the time you want. E.g. it gives you an option to 'Select All'

Has my previous Direct Debit been cancelled?

Yes. Your previous direct debit was cancelled at the end of last term and you should have already received notification about that.

What happens if I still have money on account?

We will contact you to agree how the money can be allocated.

How do I prepare for my child's lesson?

Please ensure that:

  • You have good lighting
  • Your surrounding is quiet and audio is working
  • You will need a web cam which will need to be on as this is a face to face lesson
  • You will also need to be ready at least 10 minutes before the lesson.

Will I still be able to access my information and practice logs? 

Once you have registered and transitioned to the OMA Platform, your current Templesprings account will be inactivated. This means you will no longer be able to use the Templesprings Parent/Student Portal.

However, all your child's related Arts Awards Logs will be transitioned to the OMA platform, nothing will be lost. You will need to login to the new OMA Parent/Student Portal going forward.  

How does OMA Payment work?

  • You can find more information on the fees here.  
  • Please note that our payment method has changed. We now only take card payments through our portal using secure Stripe platform.
  • A 2.84% surcharge is applied to every card transaction.  
  • Remember to book in blocks of 4's to take advantage of the lower fees, otherwise you will be charged at a higher fee if booking ad-hoc sessions. 

Will the card I register with be the same card that the money keeps coming out from?

  • Yes, Auto Pay means the system will charge the invoice to the card registered on file.

How will my child's music lessons be conducted?

Your child's music lessons will take place online via an online video conferencing platform called Zoom.

What do I need for the lesson?

You will need the following:

  • a laptop
  • a stable Wifi or Internet connection
  • You and your child will need to be present